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Green initiative

Quay green initiatives

In addition to offsetting our footprint, we are continually looking for opportunities for our guests and friends to do likewise.

So far, we are involved in;

  1. Mangrove protection and afforestation (mangroves are known not only as mans last naturaldefence barrier from salinity, but recent discoveries show they sequest (capture and store ) more carbon than ANY known tree. This project is currently on going in Koh Kong province Cambodia.
  2. Providing solar panels to rural schools who have no access to power.
  3. Rice wood project. This involves collection of rice husks (a non nutrient waste product) into compressed wood logs (Cui Trau) for burning, initially as a substitute for charcoal (that widely used and deadly product which sacrifices tress and mangoes for basic power to cook!) And more interesting, as a substitute for dirty coal in potentially substantial from 1MW to 300 MW) power generation by way of steam boiler bio mass power plants.

More Rice means more Food and more Power

For any enquiries, suggestions, donations or other support, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.